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How to choose an Easter Revision Course

Easter is a crucial time for students and Easter revision courses can help students organise their time and gain new insights into subjects as well as improve their exam skills. However with so many people now offering these courses it is important to be sure it meets the exact needs of your son or daughter and that the time is used productively.

a. It is vitally important to check the course covers the exact requirements of your specification (syllabus). The specifications and options can vary considerably between exam boards so it is very important to be sure this is the right one for you. Talk to the course organiser for reassurance if you are in any doubt

b. Be wary of general study skills sessions; these can be useful but they can also be "fillers" to boost the claimed number of hours. At this stage do you really want general skills? How appropriate are they to your requirements?

c. Who are the teachers? There are some excellent courses around but also some that are not so good. Do the teachers work full time for the College? How are they recruited? What experience do they have of such intensive courses? Can you speak to students from previous years?

d. How many contact hours do you get (be wary of lots of mock exams that take up time but do not involve direct "teaching")? What is the group size? What feedback and advice will you and your son or daugher get at the end? Is the College accredited? (and if so by whom)

Thanks to Andrew Gillespie, Director of Studies at d'Overbroeck's College, Oxford for his help with this page.